Insanely simple way to calm down a crying baby

Hey Parents! Let face it. We’ve all had that day (or night) when we couldn’t understand why our baby is crying. For hours, you kept checking if the baby is hungry, if he/she has gases, if the nose is blocked, or if the diapers are full. But you simply can’t understand the reason 🙁 At that time, you just wish there was a way to end this.

Well, turns out Dr.Robert Hamilton from Santa Monica, CA – has a way to grant that wish. He has repeatedly used and demonstrated his technique, which he calls “The Hold”, to calm down crying babies at him clinic.

As the name suggest, it is just a way of holding the baby that can calm him/her down. See this yourself to believe it:

If you are a new or expectant parent, then you should also read Dr. Hamilton’s book entitled “7 Secrets Of The Newborn”.

You can buy it from Amazon using the below link:

The book guides you through the first year of life of your new born based on Dr. Hamilton’s 30+ years of experience.

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