5 smart storage using doors

Storage in a Door

With most cities getting ridiculously crowded, studio apartments and small bedrooms are now the new normal. Gone are the days when you could have a bedroom with a study table, a dressing area, and a walk-in wardrobe. And while our rooms have become smaller, we have shown no willingness to cut down on the items we possess.

So came this new design trend of being smarter and more innovative. Yet, when I look at some of my friends’ rooms, I see that most people are getting some basics wrong.

Today, I want to talk about the most under-estimated storage area – the door! Here are some of the ideas that should help you better utilize your space.

1 – Shelves above the doors

While designing bedrooms, people try to accommodate as many shelves as possible around their wardrobes. But many rooms have an empty space above the doors which goes unnoticed. In most cases the area is much bigger than any other storage space in the house. You can have a shelf there to store stuff that you don’t need regularly.

Shelves above the door

2 – Door Racks

This inspiration comes from a refrigerator. A lot of people use hooks behind bedroom doors. But doors in kitchen or bathrooms can be used in a similar fashion. Kitchen doors can be used to stack bottles and packets. Bathroom doors can accommodate lotions and creams.

Door racks

3 – Bra Hangers

If you stay alone (or with just your spouse), you can actually hang all your bras behind the door. This saves you an entire drawer in your wardrobe. It not only makes it easy to find the right bra-of-the-day, but also keeps them in good shape and maintains the elasticity.

Bra hangers behind doors

4 – Accessories to show-off

If you find it embarrassing to hang bras or clothes behind your doors, this idea is for you. Use the doors to keep your accessories. You get the benefit of saved space in your wardrobe. Plus, you get to exhibit your coolest accessories to the visitors.

Accessories behind doors

5 – Art? Storage? Oh wow!

And who says this is all about using the doors you already have? You can also create doors where they usually aren’t. For example, you can create a thin jewellery box behind those paintings on your wall.

Storage behind paitings

What’s you idea?

Hope you liked some of these tricks. If you have any other smart ideas, do share it with me and others.

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