5 Awesome DIY Chalkboards

When it comes to beautiful and well-kept homes, there is one thing that is always common – management! You cannot have a systematic and orderly home, till you are yourself well organized. And when it comes to organizing your stuff, there is nothing that beats Chalkboards!

So I am going to show some cool ideas to create your own chalkboard with waste/unused items in your house.

But first, you’ll need to buy some Chalkboard paper or paint if you don’t already have any of it.

Right then. Let’s get started.

1 – From Old Frames to New Chalkboards

Do you have any old photo frames lying around or hanging on the wall? If you don’t like those drawings or photos anymore, then this is probably the best thing you can do the frame. Buy a Chalkboard paper and stick it on the glass of the frame. If you have a round or curved frame, then I would suggest you use a chalkboard spray instead to avoid unnecessary effort.

Create Chalkboard from an old photo frame

2 – Cupboard Sides

I have always felt these are the most underutilized of all spaces at most homes. You can decorate them in many ways, or at the very least use them for sticking notes. And somewhere in that range, comes our next DIY Chalkboard. Be creative on how you want to place your chalkboarded side.

DIY Chalkboard on Cupboard sides

3 – Exam Pads (and clips or magnets)

This idea works best for anyone who likes to mark the to-do lists on a daily basis. Ticking and erasing the marks on a chalkboard everyday can make it look messy after a while. So you can simply use clips to mark your items, or move between lists. This is like an offline version of Trello. If you have a mettalic pad, then you can even use magnets to mark your activities.

DIY Chalkboard with Exam Pad

4 – Wall? Chalkboard? Both!

This is a more advanced version of trick #2. I haven’t done this myself. But if you are someone who loves labels, or likes to get motivated by a “quote of the week” on your wall, then this one’s for you mate!

Make sure you don’t go overboard with this. One small wall per floor is the max you can go. Do this too much, and you will ruin it. You can use colorful chalks and creative fonts to make it suit the surrounding areas.

Chalkboard Wall

5 – Cabinets for the Perfectionists

When it comes to kitchens, we know there is a method to our madness. We make notes, we measure, and we do all sorts of things that are generally related to a chemical laboratory. So why not use the best practices of a lab for our kitchen too? Here’s one thing that you can do.

Cabinet with a Chalkboard

Any more ideas?

That’s it from me! If you have any more chalkboard-ing ideas, or want to share your feedback about any of the above, feel free to comment.

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