This is a sport that has its roots well placed in the 1800’s, and is usually associated with being a sport created for and played by females. Netball was created by a lady by the name of Clara Gregory Baer and is now one of the most favoured sports for women in many countries around the planet.

  • Netball is especially popular as both a participant and spectator sport in Australia, the United Kingdom, and out in the West Indies.

Its origins have a closely linked with the creation of basketball just a year or two previous. So basically speaking, netball was invented as a sport which would provide females with a similar competitive game as basketball was providing for young men. And that’s why the elements of this game are so similar to each other.

The Slight Differences

  • A couple of minor changes were established, mostly because ofthe prevailing cultural factors with regards to the abilities and roles of women in society at that time.
  • Professionals in netball court construction should be consulted with for the very best surface.

An area of the game where this is clearly displayed is the type of dress worn during a game. This was more inclined towards protecting female modesty than for easy movement.

This had the effect of netball players not engaging in the same amount of running or dribbling that were indeed common within the game of malebasketball.


One major difference in netball regulations if you compare it to the basic rules of basketball is the founding of zoning areas.

  • These zones are basically set areas in which every player can play in.

Some have remarked that the founding of these areas happened because of a misunderstanding on the part of Baer regarding the basic rules of movement on basketball courts.

Others state that Baer intentionally included this rule to help give the game of netball a sport of its own standing.

  • By 1901, netball had an officially recognised set of rules, and was now an established game.

Becoming a World Sport

Over the course of the first half of the 20th century, netball became popular in different countries. And with time, people began to inject local differences into the game, which would make any international event slightly difficult.

In 1960, national netball officials from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom, and a number of other Western nationsgot together for reasons of standardising the Netball’s rules.

  • The result of this was the creation of an association that is known now as the International Federation of Netball Associations (IFNA).

Up to the Present

Before 1963, the very first international tournamenttook place. Since then, the membership for the INFAkeeps on growing, and tournaments are constantly being played.

Nowadays, netball has developed into such a vital sport that it came to be recognised as an Olympic sport in 1995, and is currently included in some lesser sporting events also.