Garden Maintenance – Planting Lawn to keep your Flowers Blooming

You would love to have a beautiful garden but the very idea of maintaining them keeps you away. Well the fact is that garden and landscaping maintenance plays a very crucial role in how your home appears. But remember that maintenance of your garden is not much of hard work. For most individuals who are willing to put in at least 2 hours a week, a decent garden can be maintained with ease. All that you have to do is keep it simple and yet effective.

But if you are not willing to do basic chores yourself, then you can call in professionals to help out with gardening. Here are some basic tips that will help you in garden maintenance.

Plan a carefree garden

A carefree garden doesn’t exist in the real world. Like pets and kids, it too needs a bit of time and devotion from the owners. But what you can do here is reduce the time spent on this by opting for a garden style or landscape that requires less maintenance. Think of plants and shrubs that require less trimming and attention. For instance, some herbs like holy basil and thyme barely need attention. This works well for most homemakers. But if you plan on having rose or lilies around the house, then you will need to spend time in balancing the water levels, fertilizers, trimming, etc. Vegetables like limes and lemons that need minimal attention and yet provide your garden with produce that can be used in the house.

Make time

It is really easy to delay tasks and let the trimming and mowing be ignored this week. But before you know it, you will notice that your garden is full of weed and the grass is growing wildly. So what you should do is ensure or stick to a garden maintenance plan that you will be able to follow. Even if it is only for an hour, make sure that you don’t ignore it. A little bit of time will really make a difference in the final finish.

Ask for help

If you are unable to maintain the garden alone, then seek help from family or even professionals. You can ask your kids or hubby to help out with the trimming and mowing while you take care of other details. Friends who have expertise in the same can also be roped in. Another factor that influences your garden maintenance would be budget. So if you cannot call for professional help all the time, opt for part time solutions. You can ask a local gardener to help out once a month or twice a month to make things easier for you, without costing a fortune.

Stick to the basics

Even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to spend elaborate time taking care of your garden, you can certainly make room for the basics. What you can do here is keep a check on the sprinklers in the garden, making sure that the soil is fertilized and there are no pests or rodents around the garden. Along with this mowing and trimming are the basics that help your garden stay in good health. Garden maintenance guides should be stored at home for tackling emergency situations like sudden attack of birds, rodents or flies.

Keeping these little but vital factors in mind will help you maintain a garden that may not be wow, but sure looks beautiful. So go ahead and give your garden the attention it deserves.