Burglary or intrusion is one of the most concerning and terrifying aspects of living in a metro city. Homeowners always have to worry about their loved ones and valuables and have to take all measures to ensure their safety. From installing alarm systems to adding grills, Window Mart Windows and Doors suggests to employ the right tools for added security. Since windows and doors are the important parts of a home, they hold significance in maximizing protection as well. Below are some tips to ensure restricted entry for burglars.

  1. Basement Windows and Doors

Windows above the ground floor are usually not vulnerable to break-ins because intruders do not have enough means to approach them. However, when it comes to basement windows and doors, they are easy access for everyone. They are not only at lower height but also present at the back of the home to let thieves enter undetected. Homeowners have to pay special attention at this area and go for new window and door installation if something is wrong with the existing ones.

While considering the options, Charley bar turn out to be the best thing as it locks the windows against the frame, thus giving no way to burglars to enter in any way. Even when the components are opened, this device is efficient enough to perform its duties. It is also helpful for basement windows as homeowners can forget about the components once the device is installed. It doesn’t matter if they are closed or opened, security is never compromised.

Charley Bar is actually a set of horizontal bars that makes the home burglar-proof. They work as a metal gate that can be tailored as per needs. The key is to make sure that the bars are placed 4 to 5 inches away from one another.

  1. Installation of Windowless Doors

Another thing in window and door installation is to consider the additional features. For doors, it’s necessary to pay attention on decorative glass panels because they are usually risky, no matter if they look perfect with the existing theme. Having glass windows near the lock means that thieves can easily break them to unlock the door and step inside whenever they want. So, it’s necessary to make informed decisions in window and door installation. Go for decorative iron bars or reinforced glass to add a layer of security.

  1. Install High Quality and Sturdy Locks

Another way to deter a thief is to install quality locks that are sturdy and efficient enough to withstand force application. For securing the components, make sure not to be frugal about the locks.

Here, Window Mart Windows and Doors would like to mention one thing that always invest in quality locks to avoid any mishap in the future. If there is any confusion, let a professional locksmith assist with extensive knowledge and experience. Don’t compromise over quality just to save some bucks.