A sink or basin that just won’t drain is an annoyance that most homeowners could do without. A blocked sewage line on the other hand has the ability to cause untold amounts of stress. The key is in finding out exactly why you’re experiencing the problems you are.

The causes of both problems can be similar but there are a few distinct differences that you should be aware of. If you’ve ever experienced a blocked drain or would like to know what to do in the event of one, keep reading and we’ll tell all.

Your Home

The unseen pipework in your home is setup in such a way to make the removal of waste water as streamlined as possible. Run a kitchen tap and the water that flows through your plug hole will make its way through a series of small pipes with the assistance of gravity to eventually end up in the main drainage lines that run beneath your house.

Put into context, the average home has two sets of pipework. The ones hidden beneath your floors and within your walls as well as the ones that run underneath your house.

Why Do I Experience Blockages?

  • Internal Pipework

Blockages in your above ground drainage network are usually caused by solid waste build up which reduces the effective dimeter of your pipework and can cause slow draining issues. When these pipes are blocked entirely, you will begin to experience backing up which means that you will find waste water re-entering your home through your plug holes.

Prime causes of such blockages include food waste, human hair and other odds and sods that find their way into your drainage infrastructure. One big problem that more people need to be aware of is the ability of liquid fat to solidify once cool. Removing it can be difficult so always bin it instead of pouring it down the drain.

  • External Pipework

Blockages in your external drainage runs are usually caused by items being flushed down the toilet which shouldn’t be. This includes kitchen towel, sanitary items and essentially everything except toilet paper.

The other issues which can create blockages is the presence of nearby trees around the perimeter of your property. A trees roots are attracted to water so they have the ability to seek out new sources where required. Your home’s underground pipework is a great source of water so large tree roots can actually break through these pipes to support their growth.

You can see why this could quickly become a problem. The solution is to remove large trees from your garden or replace your drainage runs with pipework that isn’t susceptible to tree roots.

Hire a Plumber

Once you’ve experienced a severe blockage, your only reasonable course of action is to call in the experts. Blocked sewers in Melbourne can be remedied by one of several plumbing specialists operating across the city so simply find one local to you and seek their help. Costs will vary depending on your problem but you will be provided with a quote once your job has been assessed.

Severe sewer blockages need to be treated as soon as possible to prevent them from getting worse.

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