Bathroom Partitions are the Norm for Any Gen-Y Commercial Bathroom

Millenials are a busy bunch. They hate to wait. A long queue before the office or a café restroom is exactly what they dislike the most. One of the best ways to lessen such queues and make commercial bathrooms more time-efficient is installation of bathroom partitions.

One big bathroom is anyday cool for a grand luxury bath in your home. But allotment of a large space for one single lavatory is outright impractical when it’s a commercial joint. You have your entire workforce to accommodate as well as your clients or guests. Gen-Y folks stress on smart usage of space and hence toilet partitions are the go-to choice for any 21st century public restroom. These partitions help you to install multiple bathrooms in the place of one large bathroom.  As a result, you can accommodate multiple people in your lavatory which invariably eliminates hassles of waiting in a queue.

Moreover, bathroom partitions help to retain the privacy of each individual user. Millennials are very particular about privacy in public places. So, if you are planning upgradation of your commercial restroom for New Year, don’t forget to include toilet partitions.

Now, business owners are usually in a dilemma over the material of bathroom partitions. It’s natural. There is a huge assortment of material types for these partitions. However, not all materials would complement every business or industry out there.

Let’s take a look into the popular types of materials for bathroom partitions and what businesses each of these would be suitable for.

Powder-coated metal partitions

If you want something that is sturdy, elegant and at the same time budget-friendly, metal partition is the pick for you. These partitions sport powder-coated steel over a robust metal sheet and are topped with an unbeatable glam finish. Most of the manufacturers will extend a handy 1-year warranty with metal bathroom partitions. Small budget hotels & restaurants often take to powder-coated steel options. You will also find their use in government buildings and churches.

HPL bathroom partitions             

HPL (High Pressure Laminated) bathroom partitions are another economical option for commercial restrooms. These are slightly costly over metal counterparts but then assure better impact & scratch resistance. The HPL option is made of industrial grade particle board that is further infused with hardened timber for lasting durability. These partitions are great for any regular commercial space. However, the HPL option is not exactly water resistant. It won’t be suitable for commercial spaces with humid environment or a one that experiences excessive use of water in the lavatory.  For example, water parks, swimming pools and hospitals.

Stainless steel partitions

If you are ready to shell out, stainless steel partitions would be the option for you. Stainless steel contains chromium that makes it impeccably rust resistant. And we all know, steel is the epitome of strength. Thus, your partition would be resistant to scratch or physical damage. Moreover, the material boasts of the advantage of a non-porous surface which makes it easy to clean and bacteria-free. Stainless steel toilet partition is also favored for it’s A class fire safety rating. These partitions are often the #1 choice for high traffic public places.

Stainless steel bathroom partitions are impressive for 5 star hotels, high end shopping malls, state of the art hospitals and top notch corporate houses. These partitions would ensure a top-notch bathroom space and would also leverage the credibility quotient of your brand.

Phenolic bathroom partitions

Phenolic bathroom partitions feature a solid resin-paper infused construction coated in melamine. Such unique design makes it nearly indestructible and extremely customizable. Phenolic options are known for their superior water-resistant capacity and are great for areas that require aggressive cleaning. These are also armed with a B-class fire safety rating. Phenolic partitions are suitable for water parks, stadiums, campgrounds, swimming pools, bars etc.

HDPE solid plastic partitions

When it comes to a truly sturdy, impact & water-resistant bathroom partition yet at a lower cost than stainless steel- solid plastic options win hands down. Made from high density 1” polyethylene material, these partitions are able to withstand any sort of damage & vandalism. Moreover, the solid plastic option won’t allow any kind of moisture growth which invariably eliminates mold & mildew risks. You can use it for any commercial bathroom space. And yes, these are always easy to maintain. What else can you ask for?

So, which one is your pick?